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The next meeting will be 8:00pm Monday 21 May 2012 at the Holden Arms.


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Personal Finance Websites

As requested at today’s meeting, here are a few websites I use to get various bits n’ pieces of information. The basic facilities are free but you do have to register.

The two I use most often are advfn and yahoo, followed by digitallook. Yahoo is good as an overview of headlines, popular shares etc. You can type in a list of epics with a space between to get multiple quotes. It will retain up to 10 and show these in “my recent quotes” next time you log in.

ADVFN I use for the graphs package – even at the basic level it has various indicators, moving avgs etc available. There is also good financial analysis on a company by company basis.

Digitallook has a good graphics function and also has a comprehensive financial analysis tool where you can specify criteria for share selction, e.g. shares with P/E <10 and mkt cap > 100m and PEG <2 etc, etc, and it will display the shares meeting those criteria.

Investegate I haven’t used much but seems to be for company announcements which you can also get in ADVFN.

Motley Fool I used to use a lot – mainly for discussion boards.

Any questions just ask – but best also to nudge me with an e-mail ;-)

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