Next Meeting

The next meeting will be 8:00pm Monday 21 May 2012 at the Holden Arms.


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Change to Meetings

At the meeting on Sunday 31 May it was suggested, and unanimously agreed, that we make a change to the timing of the regular meeting in order to try and encourage a higher attendance. It was felt that because we normally hold the meetings on a Sunday, this deterred people from attending because they were [...]

Shrinking portfolio

Just to keep you in the picture, stop losses have been activated in respect of both Centrica and London Capital.   BrianW

Personal Finance Websites

As requested at today’s meeting, here are a few websites I use to get various bits n’ pieces of information. The basic facilities are free but you do have to register. The two I use most often are advfn and yahoo, followed by digitallook. Yahoo is good as an overview [...]

Falling Footsie

With the FTSE100 index almost at the 3600 mark the question in many people’s minds must be ‘is it worth throwing more money into the market?’  The answer must be………what?  Prizes will be awarded for the best completion of this answer. Entries to be written  on the back of £10 notes please and sent to [...]

New Categories

Anyone any ideas for a category you would like to add?

re Current Holdings

Would it be possible to copy the ‘print’ screen of the moneyextra portfolio web page into the Current Holdings page? Or even the web page itself which would be much easier.

Welcome to the new website!

Hi all. Welcome to the new website. This has been quickly set up to form a start & to prompt people to get their thinking caps on. Have a think of what you would like to see on the site. ANY comments, suggestions or ideas would be most welcome!