Next Meeting

The next meeting will be 8:00pm Monday 21 May 2012 at the Holden Arms.


Recent Visitors

Members’ statement 7th May 2010

Please do not rely too much on the above statement for valuing your holding.  It was correct for the end of the month of April but events such as the Greek financial crisis and the hung parliament here have played havoc with the stock markets around the world and for instance, our portfolio fell by over [...]

Change to Meetings

At the meeting on Sunday 31 May it was suggested, and unanimously agreed, that we make a change to the timing of the regular meeting in order to try and encourage a higher attendance. It was felt that because we normally hold the meetings on a Sunday, this deterred people from attending because they were [...]

Greggs – Update

As anticipated, Greggs will propose at the AGM on 13th May that there is to be a ten for one split to make the shares more accessible.  Tasty.

Shrinking portfolio

Just to keep you in the picture, stop losses have been activated in respect of both Centrica and London Capital.   BrianW