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The next meeting will be 8:00pm Monday 21 May 2012 at the Holden Arms.


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Members’ statement 7th May 2010

Please do not rely too much on the above statement for valuing your holding.  It was correct for the end of the month of April but events such as the Greek financial crisis and the hung parliament here have played havoc with the stock markets around the world and for instance, our portfolio fell by over [...]

Newsletter – A closed book

I am having difficulty accessing Nigel’s Newsletter, I can get the tips OK but the password I am using is not being accepted, so, no newsletter.  Help an old man jump this hurdle please.

Taylor Wimpey

Looks like any refinancing announcement delayed until early April but share price holding up well in the face of this potential disappoinment. Seems to have found support at the 16-17p level.

Belcombe News

Don’t seem to be able to see the draft of the above, is this the case until it is  ‘published’?

Old friends

Perhaps it is time to consider going back into Begbies Traynor.  We had a short-lasting flutter with them in January 2007,  buying  @ 160.5p and selling them in April 2007  @ 153p for a loss of £75.50. Moneyweek (13/2/09) listed seven shares which were considered to be able to stand up to the present conditions better [...]

re Current Holdings

Would it be possible to copy the ‘print’ screen of the moneyextra portfolio web page into the Current Holdings page? Or even the web page itself which would be much easier.


BUY SHARE TIPS   COMPANY                        CARLUCCIO’S                  BUSINESS ACTIVITY     Operating Italian café food shops & retailing fine Italian foods         BUSINESS SECTOR         AIM – Travel & Leisure   REASON                            Shares have seen a massive de-rating during the past 12 months. Although results for the year to 30 September exceeded expectations, rising costs and the [...]

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Here you can suggest shares for the other members to comment on.